9 responses to “DVD Region Unlocking a Samsung HT-E5550W Home Theatre”

  1. dave

    thanks champion. do you have the codes to unlock the BluRay regions?

  2. Kirsty

    Thanks so much for this. It’s been driving us nuts having to play DVDs from home on the laptop and connect it by HDMI! Brilliant! :-)

  3. Armin

    Thanks, I did it, but no different, region code 2 changed to 0 but in middle of the movie audio stops working and message appear with error code 3.

  4. Damo

    Just tried this and it worked perfect first time. Took my R4 and made it region free. Tested with an R1 (USA) disc to confirm.

    Thanks heaps Dan you’re a life saver!

  5. david

    thank u very much

  6. Nic

    Still worked on two players bought in 2016. Many thanks!

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