19 responses to “Upgrading NetGear Stora NAS drives Without Copying Data”

  1. Dennis

    Great walkthrough, this is exactly what I was looking for, worked like a charm. A million thanks.

  2. jbperez

    Hello Mr Dakovec.

    Thank you very much for your upgrade procedure. I did it yesterday and it works. It was exactly as you described, whithout any problem or other issue.

    I think that is very useful for not to copy 1TB of data and to restore again.

    Many thanks.


  3. Dean

    This is fantastic. Walk through every step of the way. Works perfectly. Thanks so much.

  4. Chris

    Thanks very much for this! I found that I could cut the time down, however, by rearranging a few of your well-documented steps. Here’s what I did:

    1. Swap out the right-hand drive per your instructions, but I didn’t wait for it to rebuild. Instead, I did the mdadm –fail, mdadm –remove, fdisk, and mdadm –add steps. *NOW* I waited a couple of hours for the rebuild to complete.
    2. Removed the left-hand drive from the system. The array showed degraded but active using only the right-hand drive.
    3. Did the mdadm –grow and the xfs_growfs steps on the right-hand drive. These took only a few moments for me, not hours.
    4. Inserted the new left-hand drive, did the fail/remove/fdisk/add on it, and waited a couple of hours for the final rebuild.

    Please note that I did something odd during this process — probably related to pulling the power accidentally! — which corrupted the web interface after #3, so I did #4 entirely from the command prompt, and I had to restore the firmware afterward…but I lost absolutely no data, even with this hiccup. I might not even have had to remove /dev/sda from the array before partitioning, because it was a totally unpartitioned disk; I don’t recall. At any rate, since the array had been resized already when I first brought in the new left-hand drive, I didn’t have to do anything else after that.

    YMMV, usual disclaimers, all that jazz. I think it could be beneficial to confirm this procedure, if there’s another brave soul willing to try it.

  5. Dwayne

    Hi. I just wanted you to know that I used your procedure without any issue. It worked great. This was my first attempt at modifying my 5 year old Stora,and your procedure was one of the best tutorials in general. I did not try the short cut method described by Chris in the comments, but after running your procedure, I understand how it could work. I may give that a try if I have to do this again sometime.

    Thanks for your help.


  6. Anco`

    Even in 2015 it still works flawlessly. Thanks A lot.

  7. Marko Wäger

    Hi Dan,
    many thanks for this tutorial. I successfully changed my 1TB to 2TB drives.
    Will this method also be working for bigger drives likes 4TB ?

    Marko from Germany

  8. wojtek

    Hi Dan,
    Many thx for the tutorial. That terrific job.

    One hint how to find Stora product key (if like in my case is not on back of case). Login to web interface and choose “About Stora” (left bottom corner),

  9. Stephan

    Hi Dan, your tutorial worked for me, without a hitch! Excellent work, thank you!

  10. Venkat Thavanam

    17-June-2016, it worked without any issues. Thank you so much.

  11. K.G

    There’s nothing better than finding a quick reference to solving a potentially painstakingly long task. It took me 3 minutes to skim through your notes, I then only had to make time for re-partitioning the drives, and the drive re-sync process. Seriously made reviving this little NAS device worth while.

  12. Kosmo

    Hi Dan,
    There’s nothing better than finding clear information on the tools required to solve a problem, worked flawlessly. Thank you.

  13. isprin

    Perfect … Worked amazingly … did take a total of almost 8hrs for those wondering …

    Thanks again

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